Stratocaster pickup set Rob's 59 specials

€ 169,00

This set is modeled after the pickups present in the famous fiesta red Fender Stratocaster, the first Strat in Britain and probably Europe. The pickups were certainly not stock for the era. They had a specific staggering of the magnet poles and of course the typical sound we al know so well. Some specifications:

- authentic vintage heavy Formvar wire

- irregular wound in the pattern correct for the fifties

- number of winds and tension of wire as common these years

- hand bevelled magnet poles

- potted lightly with 20% beeswax

- all hand made with the same materials as used in the late fifties


Sound sample played by Rob Aartsen on a made in Japan HM signature Strat with ToneSpinner Rob's 59 specials, a Vox AC15H1TV amp and a Hall&Collins Signature Echo. Played om the bridge pickup.


A second clip, Rob plays on the middle pickup, same guitar and same gear.


In this third demo, the neck pickup is used by Rob. Again the same MIJ signature Strat, the same amp and the same echo unit.